Selecting The Right AC Repair Company

When the need for repairing a heating, ventilation or air conditioning unit arises, you should hire a reputable HVAC company. The contractor should be licensed and specialised in servicing the specific equipment, in this case, an air conditioner. The HVAC contractor must have certifications, insurance and training necessary for fulfilling HVAC requirements. RCD Air Conditioning has what it takes to install and service any type of aircon.

Steps for Choosing an HVAC Contractor

  1. First, talk to your neighbours, friends and family to see if you will get any referrals. Ask them how a contractor helped, and see if your case applies also. If you fail to get any direct referral, then search in the business directories and read customer reviews.
  2. Second, ask or check whether the air conditioning company has the required certifications and licenses. You can contact a government representative or official to know about these certifications and licenses. Also, feel comfortable to ask for the same from an HVAC contractor. Most importantly, inquire whether the company has compensation insurance for workers in the event of injuries.
  3. The best air conditioning company to select it the one with insurance. This will secure your property in case of damages and will give financial peace.
  4. Another important thing is to check customer feedback and rating. The company that you should hire is the one with low client complaints and high ratings. You can search for the HVAC contractor from the BBB website (Better Business Bureau). Alternatively, you can visit the company’s website to get this information.
  5. Additionally, feel open to ask the preferred contractor for customer referrals to rate their air conditioning repair services.
  6. The most suitable HVAC contractor to hire is the one ready to inspect your AC before an appointment or estimate for the Air Conditioning repair costs. Checking your system will determine the problem whether related to air flow or leaks.
  7. The other point is to get different bids from HVAC contractors, perhaps 3. Then compare their price and repair services before you decide on the one you want. In addition to repair cost and services, you should also compare their energy efficiency of the AC installation or repair. Check if the air conditioning company offers warranty just as you would do when you want to install a new AC. Just choose the one that does so.
  8. Lastly, check if the company gives details about the AC repair services preferably in contract or written form. The contract or written agreement should indicate the date of the repair and all costs related to equipment, labour, and any other fee like payment due-dates.

Since HVAC systems are some of the costly systems in your home, you should hire a reputable, certified and qualified contractor whenever it needs repair. This means following the steps you have read to find the best air conditioning company.

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Benefits Of Regular A/C Maintenance

Air conditioners are mechanical equipments that require proper care and maintenance to keep them functioning optimally. Regular AC maintenance is important as air conditioners lose their efficiency yearly. It is recommended that you hire an experienced air conditioning contractor to do the necessary maintenance.

A professional AC technician has done multiple AC maintenance practices before. They will know which AC components require servicing or replacement. Thus, your air conditioner will be serviced correctly to keep functioning properly. Here are four reasons to hire a professional to maintain your air conditioning system.

  1. Increased Performance: An AC unit loses about 5 percent of its operating efficiency yearly. You need regular maintenance to get 100 percent efficiency. A well-maintained air conditioner provides 100 percent comfort. If your air conditioner is well maintained, you will save your money on repairs and replacement costs.
  2. Prolonged Lifespan: Hiring a professional AC contractor to maintain your air conditioner regularly helps to increase its lifespan. An air conditioner unit that could be replaced after a certain duration can work for a long time when properly maintained. This allows you to save money that you could have rather used to buy a new unit.
  3. Lower Energy Bills: When an air conditioner is overworking due to faulty parts, more power is used leading to higher energy bills. When you hire a professional to maintain your AC unit, they will check all parts to ensure they are functioning correctly. This will help to increase the overall working efficiency of your air conditioner, which consequently leads to reduced energy bills.
  4. Safe Home Occupants: Air conditioners have electrical components that can be hazardous if not checked regularly. Dirt clogging in the unit can cause short circuit, which can make your air conditioner to blow up. A well-maintained air conditioner ensures safety by reducing fire risks.
Replace Dirty Filters

The essential maintenance task to ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner is to replace dirty filters. Blocked filters prevent normal airflow and reduce its efficiency. Air that bypasses the filter may carry dirt into evaporator coil and damage the coils heat absorbing capacity.Replacing a blocked filter with a clean one can lower your air conditioning unit’s energy consumption.

With central air conditioners, filters are located along the return dust length. Regular filter locations are in ceilings, walls and in the air conditioner itself. A room air conditioner has a filter mounted in the grill that faces the room. Filters can be reusable or replaced depending on the type and efficiency. Experts recommend you replace your air conditioner’s filters monthly during the cooling season. Filters may also require regular replacement if you use your AC unit continuously.

Clean Dirty Coils

The unit’s condenser coil and evaporating coil collect dirt throughout their service life. This dirt prevents airflow which reduces the coils ability to absorb heat. To control this, it’s advisable to ensure that your evaporating coils are examined and cleaned regularly.

These are some of the top reasons to hire an air conditioning contractor Cairns to maintain your cooling system. Remember to consider factors such as experience, availability, licensure, past work and price, which are posted on their Facebook.

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Surviving The Hot Summer With Good Air Conditioning

No one can survive a dry, hot summer without the good, old air-condition. It makes the nasty heat go away and the summer heat tolerable – just beat the heat with the AC. And what about harsh winters? No winter should be dangerous or unpleasant if the heating is taken care of in a proper manner. Having both heating and cooling sorted out, you’re set for the entire year. And when in search of heating and air conditioning specialists in Australia, it’s hard to miss out on finding professionals.

Choosing the right company

When something as big as providing your home or office with heating and cooling is in question, you have to keep several things in mind when choosing the right company. Check out on every business on the table and make sure that you are provided with both the quality and the adequate price. You don’t want to go over the board with the price if there’s someone capable of doing the same job for a lower fee. The top businesses will work with leading brands, and their specialists install the systems and provide the support needed to bring comfort in each home and office at a competitive price.

Installing air conditioning

No matter what your need may be, cooling your home or your company, they provide both. If anything should go bad, you are covered with repair and service, since they emphasise how essential for them to is to build a long-lasting and trustworthy relationship with their clients. Also, keep in mind to regularly go for the maintenance and clean those filters and fans, as in that way you prolong the duration of your air-conditioning, make sure everything runs smooth, and you can enjoy your cool and fresh air.

Using ducted heating systems

If you’re covered for the summer but are rethinking your options for the winter, they provide ducted heating services to ensure they bring heat both domestic and commercial. The only thing to keep in mind is the regular maintenance to keep it safe and to prevent malfunctioning. Going for such heating services, there is no such thing as putting too much emphasis on how important it is to take care of ducted heating systems regularly; otherwise, you invite numerous health risks to your home or company.

Emergency service matters

Should you be in need of an emergency service, the right experts will have you covered. Their skilled technicians are quick when showing up where they are needed to provide a fast and accurate diagnose of your problem and do whatever has to be done to make sure you are satisfied. They understand all your concerns and ensure that you are provided with the best solution.

Companies like Smoel air conditioning Melbourne have their mission set in front of them while keeping a clear vision in their minds. Their purpose is to ensure the quality of their services realise the vision of building mutual loyalty and expanding the number of customers, or as they call them, family.

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Repair or Replace a Problematic Air Conditioner?

In our sweltering Australian climate, air conditioning is key. It makes summer-life more comfortable, with no excessive fanning. When battling summer heat, your AC may falter, so watch for these red flags.

Short Cycling

It’s quite normal fоr an air conditioner tо cycle on and off. This maintains а set temperature throughout your home. But has your unit developed а tendency of switching itself off randomly? Оr does it sometimes have difficulty getting stаrtеd? If it turns on and off often, probably it’s malfunctioning. Short cycling рuts extra stress on your aircon, аnd will cause it tо fail entirely.

Old Age

Most units last 10-15 years. If your air conditioner is that old, it may be on its last legs. Pay attention tо it more frequently tо see if it needs mаintеnаnсе. If it fails from wear-and-tear, replace it because repair costs may add up quickly. Here are ways to squeeze more years out of your AC.

Diminished Airflow

If during operation, there’s little оr no cool air coming out оf the vents, then your AC’s compressor is petering out. If your thermostat is set tо a reasonable temperature, but it’s still warm indoors, your aircon isn’t working optimally. Check the filters, whether they’re dirty or clogged, before getting a new system.

Warm Air

You didn’t buy an air conditioner so it sits around and looks cool. It hаs a job to dо—kеер your home comfortable over thе long Australian summer. If yоur AC starts having problems when the mercury rises, blowing warm instead of cold air, have a professional repair it.

Sydney air conditioning companies generally excel at their services due to the high demand of keeping residents and tourists happy during the long hot Australian summers. So it’s generally safe to hire a professional there.

Strange Emissions

If your AC is noisy, wet or stinks, replacement is on the cards. Strange smells are caused by a dirty or neglected unit. An unusually loud air conditioner signals loose parts, clogged filters or a defective fan. Water dripping from the outdoor unit may be normal, but moisture inside the house indiсаtеs it’s time to fix your aircon.

Excessive Repairs

Ideally, an air conditioner should be serviced yearly to check for cleanliness and blockages. You may аlsо need an occasional fix or extra service. But if you repair your unit multiple times a year, replacing it mаy bе more economical аnd efficient in the long run.

High Bills

Even if your unit appears tо bе functioning normally, it may be an energy hog. Undertake an energy audit if your energy bill has spiked suddenly аnd you aren’t sure why. If your AC is the culprit, determine why it’s taking up lots of energy. Perhaps it’s overworking, too old or its cooling capacity is diminishing.

Thermostat Issues

At times, the trоublе isn’t with an air conditioning unit, but with thе thermostat itself. Оnе wаy to tell if your thermostat is а problem is if one part оf your house is very cold whilе another part remains at the same temp. Replace your existing thermostat with a smart model. These 9 smart thermostats are a good buy.

If your AC is beyond repair, consider shopping for an energy-efficient model to beat the heat come summer.

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10 Tips to Minimise Summer Air Conditioning Costs

When the summer is in full swing, you don’t have to sweat it out. Just run your air conditioner to beat the heat. AC’s – especially whole-house units – are known to use a lot of power. You can call them energy hogs. For those who want to save money and still be cool and comfortable indoors during those sweltering months, we’ve got you covered. By following these tips, you can combat the summer heat and cut energy bills.

Use fans

Install ceiling fans in every room of your house if possible. Fans allow cool air to circulate in the rooms, easing the work of your air conditioner. Besides ceiling fans, you can use traditional box fans. These fans are effective on the upper floors of any home, whether the windows are open or not. They keep the temperature level in each room, in addition to circulating cold air.

Spend time in the basement

If you have a basement, you can reduce AC costs by setting the thermostat a little higher and hanging around in the basement. You can even sleep there on extremely warm nights.

Avoid using the oven

Ovens produce a lot of heat that can fill the entire house, meaning your air conditioning unit will work harder to cool things off. During the warm summer months, it is advisable to use a microwave or a crockpot as an alternative. That way, you can minimise oven use and, in the process, save cash on AC costs.

Plant shrubs or trees

Grow shrubs and trees around the yard to cool your house and guard it against the sun. The plants also shield your air conditioner from the sun, so it doesn’t work too hard to keep you cool. Protecting your unit from the sun also prolongs its service life.

Cover your windows

Window shades, solar screens and thick draperies keep heat out of your home. This means your air conditioner won’t struggle to cool your place. Though window coverings can be costly to buy, you will cover the expense faster in lower summer energy bills.

Adjust the thermostat

Most experts agree that leaving the thermostat set at 78 degrees will keep you comfortable and energy costs low. At night, you can turn the thermostat higher, say to 82 degrees, and sleep comfortably. Adjusting your thermostat upward in the hot summer months, especially during the day and night-time hours, will reduce your energy bill.

Maintain your AC unit

Dirty fans and filters mean poor functioning and more strain on your air conditioner and, as a result, higher maintenance and energy costs. Experts recommend regular check-ups, or once-a-year in-depth inspection, by a qualified HVAC professional. Regular inspection and maintenance ensure your AC is clean and working properly. Quality air conditioning specialists in Adelaide are hard to come across. For residential or commercial air conditioning Adelaide, our money is on Accutemp Services. Follow the commercial AC & refrigeration Facebook account.

Keeping your AC well maintained prolongs its life and lowers energy costs. Staying cool during the summer should not drain your wallet or bank account, or even make you a handyman. By following our expert tips you can have a comfortable budget as well as a comfy summer.

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Air Conditioning: Ten Things You Must Know

Most homes in hot climates have air conditioners. For some, air conditioning Canberra is a luxury. But for many, it’s a necessity. Given the cost of the equipment and the energy needed to run it, we want homeowners and businesses to learn about their ACs. These ten points should make you aware of your cooling system: Its functions, use and maintenance. In case you want to replace the unit, look for a competent HVAC expert.

How it works

Basically, air conditioners extract heat from the surrounding air and then blow that cold air into your home. This is made possible by the evaporator coil and refrigerant charge.

Ton of cooling

The term “ton” is not new in the air conditioning world. Its basic definition is delivering 12000 BTU. Small ACs are about 2 tons and large ones about 5 tons.

Common AC problems

Air conditioners are complex mechanical systems. They depend on multiple conditions to work properly. If there is extreme heat indoors or a reduction in airflow or the refrigerant leaks, the unit may not be able to function efficiently. If not fixed quickly, such problems could leave you with no cooling or expensive repair bills.

Filters’ role

Every air conditioning unit has a filter which cleans the AC and removes particles from the air. As the filter performs its job, it collects more and more particles. Consequently, airflow reduces and resistance increases. When this happens, it’s time to replace the filters.

Maintain the system

Routine maintenance like changing filters can be done professionally or as a DIY project. It’s good to remove debris and dirt from the coils at the beginning of each cooling season. Airflow and refrigerant problems require expert servicing.

Ducts matter

Duct leakage may lead to low production of cool air. Leaks often sap the energy out of an air conditioner. It’s even worse if the duct is positioned in garages, crawlspaces and attics. Exterior ducts should be well insulated. Insulation can be done by a professional contractor or a keen homeowner.

Increase energy efficiency

One of the best ways to improve efficiency is sealing leaky ducts. It also helps to clean evaporator coils, replace dirty filters, clear debris and maintain the right airflow. If you are replacing the AC, consider buying high-efficiency equipment. Higher efficiencies are quite cost-effective.

Lighten your load

To boost the performance of your air conditioner, reduce the amount of work it has to do. Simply improve your building by reducing air leakage, shading windows or increasing insulation levels. However, that may require substantial investment and time. Reducing internal load is simpler and cheaper. Just shut off unneeded lights, equipment and electrical appliances.


An ideal AC should clean, cool, heat, ventilate, moisten and dehumidify. Ventilation is important. Without it, contaminants accumulate indoors leading to significant comfort and health problems. Experts recommend that there be sufficient ventilation to freshen the indoor air every four hours.

Heat and Humidity

In hot, humid climates, lack of humidity control can lead to mould growth and other moisture-related issues. Modern air conditioners cool and dehumidify. This is part of controlling temperature and reducing moisture.

Stay tuned for more from Loud Listing Australia – Air Conditioning Contractors Listing Website.

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Tips For Cost-Effective Air Conditioning

Here are some sure-fire ways to make summers more pleasant and easy on the pockets:

Opt for Energy Star Products

Opt for air conditioners with an energy star rating to ensure that the device consumes relatively lesser energy than other conventional units in the market. The type of air conditioner really doesn’t matter, for both central and window energy star ACs offer the same cooling effects as their non-energy star counterparts, but consume lesser power.

Do not hesitate to replace inefficient air conditioning units with energy star products if the old units have served their time. While energy star products tend to be slightly pricier, the costs are recoverable with lower energy bills over time. Energy efficiency figures tend to vary from one product to another, though!

Thermostat Settings

It is perfectly okay to set the temperature to a couple of degrees lower than usual when at home – an ideal setting of 78 degrees keeps the space comfortably cool without overburdening the cooling system. Any drastic changes in temperature do tend to consume more energy.

However, turning up the temperature to fall just a tad less than the temperature outdoors (usually 85 degrees) when away from home, ensures a minimum load on the air conditioning unit, allowing it to quickly cool down when needed.

Keep a look out for Ten Things You Must Know For Air Conditioning in Canberra ACT

Ventilation, Insulation, and Glazing

A well-ventilated attic space allows most of the heat absorbed by the roofing to dissipate before it gets to the room ceiling. Again, as cooler air tends to settle down, it is important to ensure that all vents in the basement are sealed to prevent the cool air from escaping into the open.

Insulating the home ensures that the cooling, once achieved, is not compromised by unwanted air drafts into or out of the home’s interiors. Sealing cracks and crevices, especially filling gaps around doors and windows, utility ducts, etc. will help maintain the space’s chillness for a longer time.

Glazing glass window panes, or using tinted panes, or those with special UV reflective coatings can help keep heat from being absorbed into homes via the glass on windows and doors.

Limit Heat Generation During The Day

Air conditioning systems work to cool interior spaces by removing heat. One or more constant sources of heat within the home during the day force the unit to work extra-time to achieve the set temperature. Home appliances, bright lights, and even personal computers generate a great deal of heat during their normal operations. Limiting the use of heat-generating devices and appliances during the daytime not only helps save energy but also prevents cooling systems from extra strain.

Home Décor

From wall paints to upholstery and curtains, it is a known fact that dark colors tend to absorb heat and then dissipate them. Settling for reflective, light-colored paints for exterior walls, and pastel shaded upholstery and drapes can help minimize heat absorption. Placing furniture pieces away from direct sunlight also helps prevent them from imbibing heat. In fact, keeping heavy pieces of furniture away from A/C vents will enable free circulation of cooled air.

Ceiling fans can help take the pinch off the summer heat, especially when used along with air conditioners. Once the interiors are sufficiently cool, ceiling fans can be used to circulate air to all parts of the room.

Home Exteriors

The green cover in the immediate outdoor environment also plays a vital role in keeping home interiors cool and comfortable. Plants and shrubs around the home offer respite against the heat. Placing air conditioning condenser units in a sheltered, clutter-free spot ensures that hot air from the home is efficiently flushed out.

Changing the filters regularly and keeping air-conditioned units in good shape with basic maintenance are mandatory to boost savings.

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