When the summer is in full swing, you don’t have to sweat it out. Just run your air conditioner to beat the heat. AC’s – especially whole-house units – are known to use a lot of power. You can call them energy hogs. For those who want to save money and still be cool and comfortable indoors during those sweltering months, we’ve got you covered. By following these tips, you can combat the summer heat and cut energy bills.

Use fans

Install ceiling fans in every room of your house if possible. Fans allow cool air to circulate in the rooms, easing the work of your air conditioner. Besides ceiling fans, you can use traditional box fans. These fans are effective on the upper floors of any home, whether the windows are open or not. They keep the temperature level in each room, in addition to circulating cold air.

Spend time in the basement

If you have a basement, you can reduce AC costs by setting the thermostat a little higher and hanging around in the basement. You can even sleep there on extremely warm nights.

Avoid using the oven

Ovens produce a lot of heat that can fill the entire house, meaning your air conditioning unit will work harder to cool things off. During the warm summer months, it is advisable to use a microwave or a crockpot as an alternative. That way, you can minimise oven use and, in the process, save cash on AC costs.

Plant shrubs or trees

Grow shrubs and trees around the yard to cool your house and guard it against the sun. The plants also shield your air conditioner from the sun, so it doesn’t work too hard to keep you cool. Protecting your unit from the sun also prolongs its service life.

Cover your windows

Window shades, solar screens and thick draperies keep heat out of your home. This means your air conditioner won’t struggle to cool your place. Though window coverings can be costly to buy, you will cover the expense faster in lower summer energy bills.

Adjust the thermostat

Most experts agree that leaving the thermostat set at 78 degrees will keep you comfortable and energy costs low. At night, you can turn the thermostat higher, say to 82 degrees, and sleep comfortably. Adjusting your thermostat upward in the hot summer months, especially during the day and night-time hours, will reduce your energy bill.

Maintain your AC unit

Dirty fans and filters mean poor functioning and more strain on your air conditioner and, as a result, higher maintenance and energy costs. Experts recommend regular check-ups, or once-a-year in-depth inspection, by a qualified HVAC professional. Regular inspection and maintenance ensure your AC is clean and working properly. Quality air conditioning specialists in Adelaide are hard to come across. For residential or commercial air conditioning Adelaide, our money is on Accutemp Services. Follow the commercial AC & refrigeration Facebook account.

Keeping your AC well maintained prolongs its life and lowers energy costs. Staying cool during the summer should not drain your wallet or bank account, or even make you a handyman. By following our expert tips you can have a comfortable budget as well as a comfy summer.