Air conditioners are mechanical equipments that require proper care and maintenance to keep them functioning optimally. Regular AC maintenance is important as air conditioners lose their efficiency yearly. It is recommended that you hire an experienced air conditioning contractor to do the necessary maintenance.

A professional AC technician has done multiple AC maintenance practices before. They will know which AC components require servicing or replacement. Thus, your air conditioner will be serviced correctly to keep functioning properly. Here are four reasons to hire a professional to maintain your air conditioning system.

  1. Increased Performance: An AC unit loses about 5 percent of its operating efficiency yearly. You need regular maintenance to get 100 percent efficiency. A well-maintained air conditioner provides 100 percent comfort. If your air conditioner is well maintained, you will save your money on repairs and replacement costs.
  2. Prolonged Lifespan: Hiring a professional AC contractor to maintain your air conditioner regularly helps to increase its lifespan. An air conditioner unit that could be replaced after a certain duration can work for a long time when properly maintained. This allows you to save money that you could have rather used to buy a new unit.
  3. Lower Energy Bills: When an air conditioner is overworking due to faulty parts, more power is used leading to higher energy bills. When you hire a professional to maintain your AC unit, they will check all parts to ensure they are functioning correctly. This will help to increase the overall working efficiency of your air conditioner, which consequently leads to reduced energy bills.
  4. Safe Home Occupants: Air conditioners have electrical components that can be hazardous if not checked regularly. Dirt clogging in the unit can cause short circuit, which can make your air conditioner to blow up. A well-maintained air conditioner ensures safety by reducing fire risks.
Replace Dirty Filters

The essential maintenance task to ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner is to replace dirty filters. Blocked filters prevent normal airflow and reduce its efficiency. Air that bypasses the filter may carry dirt into evaporator coil and damage the coils heat absorbing capacity.Replacing a blocked filter with a clean one can lower your air conditioning unit’s energy consumption.

With central air conditioners, filters are located along the return dust length. Regular filter locations are in ceilings, walls and in the air conditioner itself. A room air conditioner has a filter mounted in the grill that faces the room. Filters can be reusable or replaced depending on the type and efficiency. Experts recommend you replace your air conditioner’s filters monthly during the cooling season. Filters may also require regular replacement if you use your AC unit continuously.

Clean Dirty Coils

The unit’s condenser coil and evaporating coil collect dirt throughout their service life. This dirt prevents airflow which reduces the coils ability to absorb heat. To control this, it’s advisable to ensure that your evaporating coils are examined and cleaned regularly.

These are some of the top reasons to hire an air conditioning contractor Cairns to maintain your cooling system. Remember to consider factors such as experience, availability, licensure, past work and price, which are posted on their Facebook.