Keeping employees “psyched up” in the office is no picnic. Chances are you’re missing out on something special – an HVAC system.

With the cold winters and hot summers, employee efficiency is likely to decline because of physical discomfort. Air conditioners are “heroes” in such situations. All it takes to create a cozy workplace and keep employees productive is an AC and the right temperature setting. As an employer, you want what’s good for your business. It’s air conditioning, and here’s how it improves productivity from a professional air conditioning contractor.

Comfortable Working Environment

If the office is sweltering, employees will feel drowsy, sluggish and irritable. If the office is freezing, employees will feel ill, weary and numb. In both cases, it’s hard for them to focus on their work. To work comfortably and efficiently, set your air conditioner to the right temperature. Warm up when it’s cold and cool down when it’s hot.

Maintain a Stable Temperature

The ideal temperature for max office productivity is 21oC. Anything above or below this can decrease productivity. Consider how cold or hot the weather is when adjusting the temp. For great efficiency, maintain a temperature of 25oC in summer and 22oC in winter. Your staff will be productive all year round so long as the office is comfy.

Temperature and Humidity Control

An air conditioner with a programmable thermostat is essential in any office. Having control over the thermostat positively impacts morale and output. Make sure the temperature is conducive. A humidity level of 40% is perfect for high performance, but it’s challenging during winter and summer. At low humidity, 27-29oC is quite comfortable. Have a dehumidifier built into your air conditioning system to provide relief when the air’s humid.

No two individuals are alike. In the office, males and females have distinct preferences. The same goes for older and younger workers. For instance, old folks are less productive in freezing environments. When someone wants to tweak the temperature, everyone must support that move.

Stops Health Problems

The right temperature and humidity level keep the doctor away. If it’s too cold, your employees might develop “sick building syndrome”. This condition is marked by headaches and respiratory problems. It’s attributed to stressful or unhealthy factors in the workplace like poor ventilation. More sick days mean less output.

If it’s too hot, your employees are at risk. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures causes heatstroke. As your body heats up, every task feels like donkeywork. An office that’s cool when it’s warm – and vice versa – lets workers make quick work of what they’re doing.

Technological Equipment Works Better

Efficient air conditioning is essential for your technology. With temperatures under control, you’ll spend little to no money on tech repairs. When cool and functional, your technology will make work easier. Nobody wants to work with faulty or overheating equipment. Air conditioning maintains the temp of your tech and prevents it from breaking down.

Making sure your office is kept at the right temperature and humidity level during summer highs and winter lows kicks out lethargy and tempers.